Feedlot & Mill


The Kameeldrift Group is an integrated agricultural company comprising a feedlot operation, an abattoir and a deboning plant. The feedlot annually feeds approximately 28 000 head of cattle on 2 000 hectares of farmland (of which the majority is planted with grazing and maize).

The Kameeldrift Feedlot is constructed in a very specific and scientific manner. One of the major considerations that were kept in mind when planning a feedlot was the management of water resources and the use thereof.

The feedlot had to be carefully planned and built to ensure maximum productivity of the rest of the chain. Factors we had to consider to ensure animal health; food safety and environmental stewardship include the slope and angle of the pens as well as the size thereof.

The moderate climate in this region is ideal for feedlot operations as excess heat in summer is bad for the cattle and very low temperatures in winter has negative impacts on growth.

On site we have grazing camps that are used to adapt young calves to the climate and conditions of the feedlot. Here, calves are also fed on a high protein ration to prepare them for the feedlot. This practise eases their stress and therefore the morbidity is reduced.

Kameeldrift has a long standing relationship with well-known Bovelder Cattle Study Group situated in the southeast Free State. Bovelder cattle possess very important characteristics that support the feedlot in producing high quality beef. Apart from great feed conversion statistics in the feedlot, Bovelder carcasses have a good fat distribution that gives the meat an expensive marbling look.

Disease prevention and inculation programs are in place to help keep the feedlot disease and infection free. Our irrigation systems in the feedlot reduce dust. This helps to minimise the calves' stress exposure and also prevents pneumonia, which is seen as the most common challenge in the cattle feedlot industry.


In the Kameeldrift Feedmill facility uses maize, haylige and maze silage produced by Kameeldrift. The facility has a capacity of 120-tons per day, allowing us to mix different raw material into compositions to produce the bestselling starter/grower and finisher rations. Kameeldrift also have the following feed available; grass haylige, maize silage; grass bales; cotton oil cake; feed lime; salt, premix and aslo defatted maize germ.

On site roughage is produced in the form of bales and silage. All our feeds are produced on the facility and great care is taken to ensure that exceptional feed is produced from different grains and natural additives to guarantee high quality grain-fed beef.