De-Boning Plant

Kameeldrift De-Bone Plant qualifies as a high-throughput facility and is HACCP accredited. Our de-boning plant provides us with the ability to add great value to our products and provide all our clients with the very best cuts of beef.

In order to honour the cold chain, the temperature of the carcasses and inside bone temperature must be below 5°C when it enters the de-boning plant. The carcasses are cooled in a cooling room for 24 hours until the core temperature of 0°C is achieved. This is important for the de-boning process as the risk of bacterial contamination is extremely high during de-boning.

Every plant-worker wears suitable clothing and uses the correct equipment in accordance with the HACCP standards. It is important that special care is constantly taken to lift the utensils, crates and work surfaces high up from the floor as to prevent contamination. Knifes are sterilized every half hour by being dipped into a bin filled with constant boiling water and sanitizer. The continuous roller system, which transports the carcasses, also passes through a bin where it is steam-cleaned and sterilized.

The meat cuts ready for shipment, are stored in a refrigerator at 0°C and in colour coded crates allocated to the different clients. The weight, type of cut and didicated client for each crate is scanned before each shipment.Traceability is maintained throughout the whole process at Kameeldrift, which allows us to comply with the consumer act. Meat can be stored for longer periods of time in the freezers set to -20°.

Kameeldrif has a strategic objective to continuously deliver high quality products and services that will live up to our domestic and foreign clients' expectations, as well as running in accordance with standing regulations. Food quality and safery are monitored at each stage of production to ensure we live up to our objectives.