Corporate Responsibility

KAMEELDRIFT (PTY) LTD is committed to protecting and respecting our community and the environment. Natural resources such as water, soil, fauna and flora are considered during processes of waste disposal, sewage and other structural developments and relevant legistlation is adhered to at all times.

KAMEELDRIFT (PTY) LTD will accept the responsibility with regard to the following:

  • Production waste will be disposed of in such a way as is acceptable to authorities and in line with environmental guidelines.
  • Air pollution will be restricted to within legal requirements.
  • Steps will be taken to reduce odour emissions from operations.
  • Noise levels will be controlled to within the legal requirements if applicable.
  • Water resources and the area in whick the Company operates will be protected.

We recognize that human prosperity is dependent on the healthy functioning of natural systems, many of which are steadily being degraded. We understand that as a major retailer, KAMEELDRIFT (PTY) LTD has multiple impacts on the environment. We also appreciate that KAMEELDRIFT (PTY) LTD holds a special place in the minds of its customers as a company whose products, service and people can be trusted. To maintain that trust into the future we need to systematically reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the building of a sustainable society.

We will therefore be guided by the following:


  • Reduce dependency on substances and activities that are harmful to people and the environment.
  • Use natural resources as efficiently as possible while minimizing waste.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into decision-making at all levels.
  • Involve and support all workers in achieving our environmental objectives.


KAMEELDRIFT (PTY) LTD believes that environmental strategy should be an integral part of our business strategy. While maintaining our focus on operational efficiency and profitability, we also seek to meet the following objectives:


Take a leading role in helping to develop a sustainable society. This will be done through responsible management of the environmental, health and safety impacts of our operations, processes and products.


Set in place an environmental quality management system with clear roles and responsibilities supported by top management commitment, adequate human and financial resources and widespread employee involvement.


We believe in a healthy, educated workforce and our aim is to assist our employees in bettering their education. We commit to providing information, education and training to workers and suppliers on all aspects of its environmental policy and its implementation in programs and procedures, as well as on related environmental issues. We are also actively involved in assisting organizations in our community e.g. Pretoria University, SA Police, SA Military Service with providing our facility and staff to assist in their training needs.


Ensure that the operations and working conditions of workers, suppliers and contractors promote health and safety.


Minimize the environmental impacts of all products and packaging. Ensure our products are environmentally responsible and safe, by adopting an awareness which takes into account resource conservation and biodegradability from product design, manufacture, processing and use to recycling, re-use or disposal.


Ensure that their services and products support the implementation of our environmental strategy. Incorporate environmental provisions into the memorandums of agreement and codes of practice.


Conserve energy, water and other natural resources, preferring the use of renewable over non-renewable resources, and decreasing our reliance on all raw materials containing substances harmful to people or the environment, or which cannot easily break down in nature.


In order to ensure that the surface water resources of the area are protected, Kameeldrift appointed two separate wetland specialists to conduct wetland delineation studies in both 2011 and 2013, the department of Water Affairs also recognises that the measures taken by the Company to protect the wetland by constructing lined manure effluent dams which intercepts contaminated run-off water flowing over the feedlots pens is the best efficient method of reducing the Company's water demand. The manure dams are also lined with clay to ensure that no ground water contamination can occur.


Minimize the quantity, persistence and toxicity of waste and pollution deriving from our operations, processes and products, and those of our suppliers and contractors, by means of redesign, reduction, recycling and safe disposal.