The Kameeldrift meat value chain lies on the outskirts of Pretoria near Cullinan and consists of a feed mixing plant,feedlot abattoir and state of the art de-boning plant.

The fact that our operations are in such close proximity is really beneficial especially in terms of transporting the livestock from the feedlot to the abattoir. Not only is it more cost effective, but the short journey of 2km causes less stress in the animals than 300km other animals often travel. Stress causes the muscles in the livestock to contract which has negative influence on the tenderness of the meat.

Our HCPP-assured de-boning plant prides itself in hygienically produced primal cuts that are packed to your needs. Primal packed beef can be traced from our de-boning plant to the carcass at the abattoir, to the calf in the feedlot, to the farmer and his farm and all the way back to the kith and kin of the said calf.

From the farm to the plate, Kameeldrift is committed to quality, tenderness and safety of our beef and therefore we believe that we can be of great value to major retailers and butcheries.

Kameeldrift is committed to continually upgrading the technical standards of our infrastructure and equipment and constantly monitoring client responsibility of employees, successfully fulfilling raw material purchases from approved suppliers and perfecting our production methods.